Sunday, June 30, 2019

Let's Talk~ A Toast & a Chat.....Not a Reading for anyone...Just a Chat...

Let's Talk~ About Something.....Not a Reading for anyone...Just a Chat...

Let's have a drink and chat...No private readings will be done...Just a Hello....

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  1. Hello,
    I am a Cancer ,my birthday is on 22 July 1990.I was born at about 9:00 pm that day.I know you are not accepting personal readings but I am really lost ,I am recently divorced.I am having financial struggles,I am having relationship troubles.I live in Pakistan .Living with my parents right now.My ex husband was Autistic.So I didn't get any closure.He doesn't think he did something wrong.
    I have all this hate in me for everyone who got me forced to marry that man..

    I really need your help
    please acknowledge.
    I will pay for your time.

    Please I am having health issues.
    My life sucks
    please Please Please acknowledge.

    My email is