Tuesday, March 5, 2019

~The Daily Vibe~The Phase of Being Alone is Just about Over~Daily Tarot ...

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  1. Jennifer:
    it's Lisa again from earlier today (cappi who just got out of a gemini dating situation). I think I mentioned I was married for 16 yrs and now divorced about 5 or 6 yrs-he was a gemini too! Anyway, it was very ,very hard to leave the comfort of marriage, but I simply wasn't getting the LOVE I knew I was devoting and not getting in return. I am so ready for this lonliness to be over, and I miss the human touch in a myriad of ways-Your reading hit on all of that! And I feel while I physically do not know my soul mate in the physical sense yet, I believe we will "know/recognize" each other when we do come together. You said it's coming soon-I can't believe it, because I have been feeling for thr last week I will be meeting him soon. This is unreal and you're a true blessing. And yes, it is very difficult to be alone, but I've been doing it. And I love being female, I love my feminine energy-you're reading is such a gift, I'm just so grateful. I've also been working very hard finding work-and am working diligently w/my career counselor. I believe it's all coming together around the same time after many difficult years. Thank you
    BTW, I made a new vision board to manifest my soul mate/true love and I listen to your readings then pull out my vision board and meditate on it.

    Thank you so much!!!!!