Monday, March 4, 2019

~Capricorn March 2019~Huge Huge New Beginning Here, What's Done is Done~...

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  1. Hi Jennifer:
    I've never commented before, but after listening to your message just now was moved to-. You hit the nail on the head! I was spending time with a Gemini Dr., who stole my energy, lied to me, and I know I allowed it. At the same time I believed everything he said-I thought at 55 we're passed the adolescent "stuff" and I walked away. But the one thing I've so desired is a real love, marriage (I'm divorced 6 yrs). The hurt I feel is awful, but you've given me so much hope. How you know this stuff is a wonder because all you said and explained, I felt you were you talking directly to me. I'm hoping, praying, manifesting that man out there I feel is close. I don't thik I know who he is, but I think it will happen very soon, and we'll both know ASAP its the real thing.
    Thank you
    for your message!!!!!