Sunday, August 11, 2019

The Daily Vibe...It's Meant to Be...August 12 Daily Tarot Reading

Looking for a Private Session.....

I have two options, a pre-recorded 20 minute video for $65.00; 2 questions only, 20 minutes or a 30 minute Skype reading, as many questions as you can get in there for $100.00. Which  reading would you prefer?  

The 2 question option is a pre-recorded video and will be done in the evening and a link will be sent to you when I get done.

The 30 minute Skype readings allows you to ask as many questions as you can get in that time frame. I will give you date and I will call you via Skype when it's time. 

Please let me know which one you would be interested in when you make the request via email and I will send you the correct template with more specifics based on which one you choose.

Thank you,

Right now, please email for date and delivery or you can book instantly and pick you date and time here....