Thursday, December 20, 2018

~The Daily Vibe#1~Pretty Deep, We Have Reached The End~December 21 Daily...


  1. I saw your footage and there were native americans standing right in front of you! Full shimmery white feather angelic like glow in and out. They said they wanted u to know the backdoor message was that your mom is right there. She left your world front door flew to back with us. She shows you now she loves you as the waves of Cancer can.And that you are wise.💖

    1. Tou were face to face with several elders yelling Hey hey hey (admittedly I would too) but try: greetings Messenger owl, health to you! See what he says. Girl, I saw how intuitive, and empathic, and what a great coach u r in ur readings. But wow! Powerful, now you are, shine your light! Beautiful energy