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~Aquarius~Destined Change of Course~November 2018~Aquarius Tarot Reading

~Cancer~♋️Passionate Love Connection❤️~November 2018 Cancer Tarot Reading

~The Daily Vibe~10/31~The Veil is Lifted, No Escape, Cycle Ends~Daily Ta...

~Capricorn~Truth is Revealed & Changes Things~November 2018 Capricorn Ta...

~Sagittarius~Hard Work Pays off Big-Time~November 2018 Sagittarius Tarot...

~The Daily Vibe~This is Goodbye~October 30 Daily Tarot Reading. 10/30 10...


~Libra~Nope, It's Not Happening, But you have a New Offer~November 2018 ...

~Pisces~Where Does your Heart Lie....

~The Daily Vibe~Love is Calling, Please Answer~

~Singles~Weekend Focus~October 26, 27 & 28

~The Daily Vibe~I Want to be Loved, But I'm too Busy~


~The Daily Vibe~

~The Daily Vibe~Uneasy Intense Rapid Change~


~The Daily Vibe~It's Too's a Dead End, A New Lover Now~10/23 & ...




~Aquarius~You Have a Perfect Match Waiting~End of October 2018 Aquarius ...

~The Daily Vibe~Unrequited Love Situation is Unfolding~October 21/22 Dai...

~The Daily Vibe~Time to Go don't you Think?

~Virgo~You Deserve This New Beginning, You Really Do~End of October 2018...

~Scorpio~Not Right Now, The Answer is No~End of October 2018

~The Daily Vibe~They Aren't Happy About Your Newfound Love~

~The Daily Vibe~ No Time For Games

~Cancer~An Instant Spark!

~Leo~A New Love That is Destined~End of October 2018

~The Daily Vibe~10/15

~Gemini~This Could Be The Real Deal~

~The Daily Vibe~Feeling the Pain Together? October 14/15 Daily Tarot Rea...

~Taurus~October 2018~Omg...This is a True Soulmate Connection~End of Oct...

~The Daily Vibe~Big Change is Coming, Your in Charge~

MVI 9296

~The Daily Vibe~ Receiving The Answer.....October 12/13 Daily Tarot Reading

~Sagittarius~Defending Thy Self~Mid October Sagittarius Tarot Reading

~Pisces~You Need Time to Heal~Mid October 2018 Pisces Tarot Reading October

~Aquarius~Wake Up Call~Mid October Tarot Reading Aquarius

~The Daily Vibe~Closure & Completion~October 11, 2018 Daily Tarot Reading

MVI 9288

~The Daily Vibe~Good Riddance~

~Aries~You Know What Time it is~October 8-15 Aries October Tarot Reading

~Libra~Is This Too Good To be True?~October 8-15 Libra October Tarot Rea...

~Cancer~I Don't Trust Them~October 8-15 Cancer October Tarot Reading

~The Daily Vibe~Severing Ties Brings New Love~

~Gemini~Are you Serious right now?October 8-15 Gemini October Tarot Reading

~Leo~Never Again~October 8-15 Leo October Tarot Reading

~Virgo~Fated Changes & a Miracle~October 8 to 15 Virgo October Tarot Rea...

~The Daily Vibe~A New Connection~October 8/9 Daily Tarot Reading

~Capricorn~A Whole New Chapter is Beginning~October 8-15 Capricorn Tarot...

~Taurus~You Have Another Option, Just Go~October 7 -15 Taurus October Ta...

~The Daily Vibe~Your New Opportunity is Waiting~October 7, 8, 9 Daily Ta...

~The Daily Vibe~

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