Life Coaching Sessions

Encouragement, Empowerment and Enlightenment

Are you looking for more? Sometimes you just don't know where to go, no one is supporting you or listening. Is life becoming a little overwhelming? Let me help you to start your healing process. 

During our session we will be digging deep, looking into what is holding you back, discussing options for refocusing your thoughts towards a positive outcome for all involved. 

It is a time of Self Discovery. Don't you think?
What is your Souls Purpose? 
Let's me begin by asking you...Are you ready? Ready for a change that is....
I will listen, offer support and encourage your light to burn bright once again.

Emotional Freedom. Yes! It is time.

Let me remind you of who you really are inside. 

Packages Available
60 Minutes per Session

~By The Session ~ $125 each session
~By The Month ~ $425 for 4 weekly Sessions
~By The Package Deal ~ $2500 for 24 sessions over a 6 month period. 1 per week.

Contact me via with your request and I will get back to ASAP. Sessions to be completed via Skype, Facebook Video Call/Chat or Messenger. Your Choice.