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Free Reading Monday May 15, 2017 Celtic Cross Spread

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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Who are the Pages anyway?

*When any Page shows up in a past position it probably signifies the querant as a child*

*Pages represent youth and immaturity*

Soul Source Psychic Intuitive Tarot 

Page of Cups ~ Associated with Summer

Loving, Emotional, Intuitive, Intimate

The Page of Cups is a young or young at heart gentle, artistic, dreamer-type messenger. He brings with him announcements of good news and messages of new, serene beginnings.

Generally a water sign or a water sign energy. Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces. 

This Energy is usually connected to love and emotions. This could be good news related to a new relationship, a family member, an engagement, marriage or birth or any new adventure that is positive, welcome and unexpected.
The could be an opportunity to show love or give support to someone. Or perhaps you are seeking new love.

Page of Wands ~ Associated with Spring

Creative, Enthusiastic, Confident, Courageous, New Ideas, Adventurous, Skilled

The Page of Wands is generally a fire sign energy. Aries, Leo, Sagittarius personality. Honorable & Genuine.

He suggests that an opening may appear that excites you, challenges you, or dares you to be great. He has a passion and zest for life and might not see all of the risks ahead as he is still at the beginning of his journey, nonetheless his confidence prevails and this cards asks you to act on your hunches. Dream big and go get it. Follow your creative side, do something outside of the box that you have been pondering on for a while. Be spontaneous. Have faith in your ability. He is also a messenger, bringing you inspiring or unexpected news, new information or a welcome surprise. Perhaps it is time for a new approach.He can also show up when something you started a while back finely starts growing. The seeds were planted and finally there is growth. Keep going. This doesn't mean your work is done, you still have a ways to go, but you are on the right path. 

In terms of health, this card lets you know that it is time for action. Time for a change.

Page of Pentacles ~ Associated with Winter

Having an Effect, Practical, Prosperous, Trustworthy, Dependable, Responsible, Conscientious

The Page of Pentacles represents a skillful, attentive, and studious youth who is both self-disciplined as well as a go-getter. He could indicate some sort of promotion or acquiring a new, enjoyable hobby in the near future. 

This Page generally represents Earth Energy signs. Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo

New endevors regarding finances and career could be right around the corner. You still have to work hard for them, but you have what it takes to get there. 

This page comes forth when you are in need of expanding your horizons to build on your foundation for the future. Take the realistic approach. Remember, that slow and steady wins the race. Winners don't quit. Keep on a trucking, prosperity is coming as your efforts will be rewarded.  
This card can also mean a time of wealth, abundance or security. A chance may come up to make your dreams real.

Page of Swords ~ Associated with Fall

Use your Mind, Be Truthful, Be Just, Have Fortitude, Talkative, Curious, Mentally Restless and Energetic.

This page is generally associated with Air Energies, Libra, Gemini and Aquarius.
The Page of Swords is a messenger that brings you trials,challenges and character building lessons. Swords are about words and ideas.  Watch what you hear and watch what you say. He may suggest an opportunity for growth may come your way in the guise of a problem or dilemma.
This card can suggest that someone is watching you, stalking you or slandering you. It can also suggest undelivered promises and spite.
On a positive note this can also signify a time to move forward with confidence. Understand that you are still in the beginning stages of whatever the endevor is and that time and learning is needed. Keep a calm temper. Listen to other's point of view and actually try to consider it. 

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate. Is something left unspoken?

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

May 2017 Full "Flower" Moon. Transformation, Death and Rebirth

Scorpio Full Moon ~ Agent of Change                      

By Soul Source Psychic Intuitive Tarot

Aren't full moons just a joy though? The changes that occur every time it graces us with it's beauty and powerful energy. The energies are oh, so intense. We all know how busy the hospitals get, how unpredictable we become, more people give birth and more people pass on. It is a time of caution but also of renewal. Release the old and welcome the new. 

It is time to tell the Universe what you desire and have faith that it will transpire. Let the universe drive after this extremely powerful time of manifestation. 

Generally full Moons are a time of releasing the old, letting go and embracing the new. Scorpio full moons add a tad bit more intensity. Now is a great time to spin the wheel. For 2 minutes before moving on to read the rest, just sit here and think...what is the new you? Really, what do you look like? Where do you work? Look how happy you are doing that? Take the full two minutes to visualize where you desire to be.

Or,  you could do this or even both.

Tonight, take a moment to write down your desires. Be precise. Make a simple list of your top 5 wishes. Write them as if you already have them. Once you have your list, go outside and talk to the moon, talk to the universe, talk to your spirits or your God and the angels. Read them your list. Be real, be at ease, have no worries, breathe in the fresh air, release all negative energies. Believe in your desired outcome. 

When you are ready, burn your list.... I know, you worked hard on that, but the trick is having faith and believing that the Universe and our Higher Powers will take over. Release your manifestations now. Let them go. You have stated them clearly and now you believe. Let go and Let God. Now is the time. 

May 10, 2017 Full moon in Scorpio

Scorpio energy is a water energy. It brings about transformation and spiritual understanding. This includes a higher consciousness. You may come into a period of finally understanding all that has been going on and why it happened that way. This period of time in May is considered to be a turning point. The time has come for a change that you have been trying to make to actually happen. 

Many astrologers and ancient cultures have always believed that the Scorpio Full Moon is one of the most powerful for reaching out to ancient ancestors and guardian spirits. It is also believed to be one of the best Full Moon’s for rituals and manifestation work.

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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Reveal for Wednesday 05/03 3 card pull

Midweek Guidance. Pick a line up 1, 2 or 3 and comment below. Which card is calling out to you the most? Reveal is tomorrow mid morning to mid day.

Which one did you pick?

Card #1

Your about to embark on a much needed journey to leave the past behind. This card lets you know that theres light at the end of the tunnel, and it signifies that the time has arrived in which a difficult cycle in your life is coming to an end. In the the traditional tarot this card also implies traveling or going forward, involving crossing water or even moving abroad. Calmer waters are ahead. The healing process is under way and now you can set your goals, desires and objectives to secure a more positive and successful future. Because your mind is more settled, syncronistic events will bring the right conditions and introduce people into your life for your highest good. 

Card #2

The Eight of Swords

The Eight of Swords shows a woman tied up, blindfolded, and surrounded by swords that act as a kind of prison or enclosure. It appears that there is no possibility of escape. She appears isolated and alone as she stands in the midst of a barren, watery wasteland far from the town in the distance. The sky is grey and cloudy, indicating despair and a lack of hope. The woman’s feet do not touch the water, indicating that the feeling of being restricted in the Eight of Swords is based on an intellectual assessment of the situation and not an emotional one. There is a path cleared before her, so there is actually a way out of this situation but the blindfolds prevent the woman from seeing her way out.

Card #3

The Two of Cups or Two of Water by Doreen Virtue & Radliegh Valentine

Two of Water – “A relationship that continues to grow closer. Forgiveness. The positive resolution of a conflict.”
– In the photo on this card there is a male and female, a merman and a mermaid with long golden tresses, who are working together (cooperating) to free a dolphin that has gotten itself stuck on a ledge on which also rests two cups. They are of course beneath the surface of the dark blue water. There are other dolphins in the background, more like shadows, that are awaiting the release of their friend or to be of assistance if needed. Swimming around them are several brightly colored fish, some are red and some are yellow, that have also taken an interest in what is going on. The surface of the water is relatively calm with the odd green tinged wave rippling across it’s surface. The moon shines in the indigo sky and is shedding it’s light on the surface of the water, with a couple of moonbeams penetrating the inky depths to illuminate our scene. There is one lone tree on an outcropping of land that can be seen in the background on the surface as well as the dark outline of a mountain.
– The suit of water represents our emotions, especially love.
– Blue represents open spaces, freedom, imagination, expansiveness, inspiration, and sensitivity.
– Indigo represents the unknown depths of the sea along with emotion, strength, fluidity, persuasiveness, expressiveness, and pervasiveness.
– Red represents messages of passion, primal urges, action, pleasure, vibrance, radiance, and love.
– Yellow is all about radiating creativity, protection, intellect, positivity and clarity.
– Green represents attributes of youth, sentimentality, nature, adventure, growth and health. (all color meanings taken from:
– Gold represents the infamous legend of alchemists turning common metals into gold is actually a parable for the human quest to change base vulgarities like greed, hate and selfishness into qualities like love, virtue and compassion through the process of self-purification. Ergo, gold is symbolic of this transition of the soul. (
– The mountains are a symbol of challenges but as they are in the background those challenges are in the past.
– Trees are storehouses of strength and wisdom, asking us to take a higher perspective.
– The meaning of the number 2: “Everything’s fine and will continue to be so. Keep believing, especially since your feelings of hope lead to more positive outcomes. The angels can buoy your faith if you’ll ask for their help.” Taken from Angel Numbers 101 by Doreen Virtue.
– This is another great card that represents the times we are living in. Our relationships, not only our intimate relationships but our relationships with all people, are changing and growing as we ourselves are being transformed by the energies coming from our sun. (more on that below) As we evolve as a species and individually it makes sense that our relationships will also evolve and deepen or else be released if they no longer serve us. That is not meant in a derogatory way because we are not all evolving at the same speed or to the same levels. So our own personal needs and desires will not always be in alignment with the needs and desires of those around us. We can release them with love and bless them on their way. What we will find however is that more is accomplished through cooperation, forgiveness, compassion and love than with fighting (being at odds), intolerance, judgment and hate. As we continue on our journeys as a species and as individuals we are not alone, we are surrounded by our angels and guides as seen by the dolphins in the background and the fish that surround the couple. They are ever waiting for us to call on them when we need help or guidance.

Grateful Again, Day #2

A few days ago while I was on my way home from grocery shopping, I decided to ask God, the Universe, Spirits and Angels to please go and help my son. My son has been struggling the last few months with finding a job and living in a bad situation he has no choice to stay in because he has no funds to move. I just opened my mouth and started asking. 

Wouldn't you know it, my son calls me soon after to let me know that he starts a very good job, and he is starting on Wednesday. Mom, I need some new bootlaces and a lunchbox? He is 24, but has had many struggles through life. 

He is weak, his immune system isn't good and his self confidence is even worse. This job is doing concrete foundations with his stepfathers best cousin. This man took my son on trips with him when he was little. He knows him. He will push him, he will teach him and he does know who he is. I am absolutely thrilled. This will give my son some experience to put under his belt, it could become a lifelong profession. 

So, I just realized all of this and once again, my mouth just opened right up, Thank you God, Thank you Angels, Thank you Universe, Thank you Spirits, Thank you, Thank you Thank you.

But, then I asked for a little bit just came to me, please keep my son safe and give him strength, give him the strength he needs to get through this and really do it. Give him what he needs to succeed.Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!

Simply Grateful

The very best medicine for me is to help others. The more I help, the more I thrive. To see someone smile or to give someone faith is such a reward. To shed some light where it is needed is a blessing in itself. Today I am Thankful for the gifts that have been bestowed upon me. Thank you Lord for all of these gifts. 

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Celtic Cross Sample Love & 3 Day Reading

A sample reading, I typically lay out the Celtic Cross Spread and give the overall meaning. I use my intuition primarily and the cards as a tool. The clarifiers are then placed whereever my hand leads me and they always seem to match up perfectly to whatever question that was asked. They connect to other cards to answer the questions with clarity.

In this reading, I was asked about the next three days. In short, this person has too many things going on a one time, She has been working on many different things and perhaps it is time to make a choice and rather than doing all 5 things, she might want to narrow it down to just two or make a choice. The querant happens to be in this spread as the Queen of Pentacles. She is confident, calm, secure and offers sound advice. She needs to continue to trust her intution as it has been leading her on the right path for a while now. She has already make some significant changes and her opportunites have opened up.  Right now she has been waiting around for the right time, she knows what needs to be done but has chose to just go with it for one reason or another, but it appears that she is going to make a change. Perhaps another Earth sign has entered the situation or is about to which might aid her in her decision to move on. Looks like the choice will be made by the end of the week. Do you want to move forward, which I think you do or would you prefer to look back? She really doesn't want to face any kind of confrontation and is thinking about moving away. She then asked, about a new man. So we shuffled and asked. I laid the cards wherever I felt the need. I always connect them in some direction. The 10 of cups onward out towards the left for this question. Yes, I believe so. A steady, slow, loyal man that is looking for his happy home, whoohoo, looks like he himself has been up against some hurdles of his own, but he is finally on top,his work has paid off, he is now at a time in his life where he has learn many life lessons and has embarked on his own transformation which looks to be leading him to her. Then she ask again.... but is this really about a man, so we shuffled and two more cards, the knight of cups, place on the queen of pentacles. Come to find out, she is still connected to this water sign male, funny how I put that card on her, but he is more concerned with his money. He is looking at wealth rather than love. So here comes her new Knight steady as can be ready for love. 

There was much much more to the reading, This is just an example. 

The Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar...The Determination to drink it

Random post I know. I figured what a good way for you all to get to know your Tarot Reader.

I just filled my 8 oz glass with water and then added 2 capfuls of ACF. (Apple Cider Vinegar)

Took one gulp, wow, that is harsh. Yuck!

Took another... double yuck.

Yuck, third drink later...
I hope this does something for me
Forcing myself to finish this glass of yuck. Done.

Monday, May 1, 2017

You can never have enough healing energy right? Shed some light on this for us please. I have created a poll below at the bottom of my page. What ones do you like? Which ones are too much? Which one's seem to do nothing? Whom is the strongest? Which one is the best? Which one is the hardest to find or the most expensive?

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