Thursday, May 11, 2017

Who are the Pages anyway?

*When any Page shows up in a past position it probably signifies the querant as a child*

*Pages represent youth and immaturity*

Soul Source Psychic Intuitive Tarot 

Page of Cups ~ Associated with Summer

Loving, Emotional, Intuitive, Intimate

The Page of Cups is a young or young at heart gentle, artistic, dreamer-type messenger. He brings with him announcements of good news and messages of new, serene beginnings.

Generally a water sign or a water sign energy. Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces. 

This Energy is usually connected to love and emotions. This could be good news related to a new relationship, a family member, an engagement, marriage or birth or any new adventure that is positive, welcome and unexpected.
The could be an opportunity to show love or give support to someone. Or perhaps you are seeking new love.

Page of Wands ~ Associated with Spring

Creative, Enthusiastic, Confident, Courageous, New Ideas, Adventurous, Skilled

The Page of Wands is generally a fire sign energy. Aries, Leo, Sagittarius personality. Honorable & Genuine.

He suggests that an opening may appear that excites you, challenges you, or dares you to be great. He has a passion and zest for life and might not see all of the risks ahead as he is still at the beginning of his journey, nonetheless his confidence prevails and this cards asks you to act on your hunches. Dream big and go get it. Follow your creative side, do something outside of the box that you have been pondering on for a while. Be spontaneous. Have faith in your ability. He is also a messenger, bringing you inspiring or unexpected news, new information or a welcome surprise. Perhaps it is time for a new approach.He can also show up when something you started a while back finely starts growing. The seeds were planted and finally there is growth. Keep going. This doesn't mean your work is done, you still have a ways to go, but you are on the right path. 

In terms of health, this card lets you know that it is time for action. Time for a change.

Page of Pentacles ~ Associated with Winter

Having an Effect, Practical, Prosperous, Trustworthy, Dependable, Responsible, Conscientious

The Page of Pentacles represents a skillful, attentive, and studious youth who is both self-disciplined as well as a go-getter. He could indicate some sort of promotion or acquiring a new, enjoyable hobby in the near future. 

This Page generally represents Earth Energy signs. Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo

New endevors regarding finances and career could be right around the corner. You still have to work hard for them, but you have what it takes to get there. 

This page comes forth when you are in need of expanding your horizons to build on your foundation for the future. Take the realistic approach. Remember, that slow and steady wins the race. Winners don't quit. Keep on a trucking, prosperity is coming as your efforts will be rewarded.  
This card can also mean a time of wealth, abundance or security. A chance may come up to make your dreams real.

Page of Swords ~ Associated with Fall

Use your Mind, Be Truthful, Be Just, Have Fortitude, Talkative, Curious, Mentally Restless and Energetic.

This page is generally associated with Air Energies, Libra, Gemini and Aquarius.
The Page of Swords is a messenger that brings you trials,challenges and character building lessons. Swords are about words and ideas.  Watch what you hear and watch what you say. He may suggest an opportunity for growth may come your way in the guise of a problem or dilemma.
This card can suggest that someone is watching you, stalking you or slandering you. It can also suggest undelivered promises and spite.
On a positive note this can also signify a time to move forward with confidence. Understand that you are still in the beginning stages of whatever the endevor is and that time and learning is needed. Keep a calm temper. Listen to other's point of view and actually try to consider it. 

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate. Is something left unspoken?

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