Wednesday, May 10, 2017

May 2017 Full "Flower" Moon. Transformation, Death and Rebirth

Scorpio Full Moon ~ Agent of Change                      

By Soul Source Psychic Intuitive Tarot

Aren't full moons just a joy though? The changes that occur every time it graces us with it's beauty and powerful energy. The energies are oh, so intense. We all know how busy the hospitals get, how unpredictable we become, more people give birth and more people pass on. It is a time of caution but also of renewal. Release the old and welcome the new. 

It is time to tell the Universe what you desire and have faith that it will transpire. Let the universe drive after this extremely powerful time of manifestation. 

Generally full Moons are a time of releasing the old, letting go and embracing the new. Scorpio full moons add a tad bit more intensity. Now is a great time to spin the wheel. For 2 minutes before moving on to read the rest, just sit here and think...what is the new you? Really, what do you look like? Where do you work? Look how happy you are doing that? Take the full two minutes to visualize where you desire to be.

Or,  you could do this or even both.

Tonight, take a moment to write down your desires. Be precise. Make a simple list of your top 5 wishes. Write them as if you already have them. Once you have your list, go outside and talk to the moon, talk to the universe, talk to your spirits or your God and the angels. Read them your list. Be real, be at ease, have no worries, breathe in the fresh air, release all negative energies. Believe in your desired outcome. 

When you are ready, burn your list.... I know, you worked hard on that, but the trick is having faith and believing that the Universe and our Higher Powers will take over. Release your manifestations now. Let them go. You have stated them clearly and now you believe. Let go and Let God. Now is the time. 

May 10, 2017 Full moon in Scorpio

Scorpio energy is a water energy. It brings about transformation and spiritual understanding. This includes a higher consciousness. You may come into a period of finally understanding all that has been going on and why it happened that way. This period of time in May is considered to be a turning point. The time has come for a change that you have been trying to make to actually happen. 

Many astrologers and ancient cultures have always believed that the Scorpio Full Moon is one of the most powerful for reaching out to ancient ancestors and guardian spirits. It is also believed to be one of the best Full Moon’s for rituals and manifestation work.

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