Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Grateful Again, Day #2

A few days ago while I was on my way home from grocery shopping, I decided to ask God, the Universe, Spirits and Angels to please go and help my son. My son has been struggling the last few months with finding a job and living in a bad situation he has no choice to stay in because he has no funds to move. I just opened my mouth and started asking. 

Wouldn't you know it, my son calls me soon after to let me know that he starts a very good job, and he is starting on Wednesday. Mom, I need some new bootlaces and a lunchbox? He is 24, but has had many struggles through life. 

He is weak, his immune system isn't good and his self confidence is even worse. This job is doing concrete foundations with his stepfathers best cousin. This man took my son on trips with him when he was little. He knows him. He will push him, he will teach him and he does know who he is. I am absolutely thrilled. This will give my son some experience to put under his belt, it could become a lifelong profession. 

So, I just realized all of this and once again, my mouth just opened right up, Thank you God, Thank you Angels, Thank you Universe, Thank you Spirits, Thank you, Thank you Thank you.

But, then I asked for a little bit just came to me, please keep my son safe and give him strength, give him the strength he needs to get through this and really do it. Give him what he needs to succeed.Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!

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