Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Celtic Cross Sample Love & 3 Day Reading

A sample reading, I typically lay out the Celtic Cross Spread and give the overall meaning. I use my intuition primarily and the cards as a tool. The clarifiers are then placed whereever my hand leads me and they always seem to match up perfectly to whatever question that was asked. They connect to other cards to answer the questions with clarity.

In this reading, I was asked about the next three days. In short, this person has too many things going on a one time, She has been working on many different things and perhaps it is time to make a choice and rather than doing all 5 things, she might want to narrow it down to just two or make a choice. The querant happens to be in this spread as the Queen of Pentacles. She is confident, calm, secure and offers sound advice. She needs to continue to trust her intution as it has been leading her on the right path for a while now. She has already make some significant changes and her opportunites have opened up.  Right now she has been waiting around for the right time, she knows what needs to be done but has chose to just go with it for one reason or another, but it appears that she is going to make a change. Perhaps another Earth sign has entered the situation or is about to which might aid her in her decision to move on. Looks like the choice will be made by the end of the week. Do you want to move forward, which I think you do or would you prefer to look back? She really doesn't want to face any kind of confrontation and is thinking about moving away. She then asked, about a new man. So we shuffled and asked. I laid the cards wherever I felt the need. I always connect them in some direction. The 10 of cups onward out towards the left for this question. Yes, I believe so. A steady, slow, loyal man that is looking for his happy home, whoohoo, looks like he himself has been up against some hurdles of his own, but he is finally on top,his work has paid off, he is now at a time in his life where he has learn many life lessons and has embarked on his own transformation which looks to be leading him to her. Then she ask again.... but is this really about a man, so we shuffled and two more cards, the knight of cups, place on the queen of pentacles. Come to find out, she is still connected to this water sign male, funny how I put that card on her, but he is more concerned with his money. He is looking at wealth rather than love. So here comes her new Knight steady as can be ready for love. 

There was much much more to the reading, This is just an example. 

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